Art of Ploog 2

Art of Ploog 2

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This 352-page second volume offers an even more in-depth look at the career of Mike Ploog. You’ll find more pages from his days working for Marvel Comics on titles such as Frankenstein, Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Planet of the Apes and Werewolf By Night. There’s more concept art and storyboards from favorite Ploog films: The Dark Crystal, John Carpenter's The Thing, Little Shop of Horrors, Lord of the Rings and Wizards. Also includes a much expanded section dedicated to his paintings, beginning around 1993, and much more!

This is the perfect companion book to Volume One, as well as also being a great stand-alone volume on Mike Ploog’s work. It’s packed full from cover to cover. It includes a very early story from Vampirella #14 with a topless barbarian heroine. The first half of the book is devoted to early comics work, reproducing the original art from the comics mentioned, plus out-takes and sketches. There are two great Spirit covers for the 2009 DC Spirit series. There are character studies for the 1981 Heavy Metal /em> film, including the B-17 sequence and the World of Taarna. For Jim Henson's Dark Crystal film, we are treated to full storyboards, accompanied by Michael's own comments about working on this unique film.

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352 Pages